Dr. Adam Clayton Powell Jr., Congressman 
Nov 29, 2008 to April 4, 1972

The Ministry

2023, We will be honoring Congressman Rev. Dr. Adam Clayton Powell Jr. for his great Statesmanship and Pasturing in Harlem, New York.

Adam Clayton Powell Jr. served the district of Harlem but he helped the country, with the passing of 6o federal bills-laws that benefited not only Harlem but the whole country.
As a pastor in Harlem He feed the hungry, clothed the naked, provided for the elderly. A great man during the depression feeding so many American citizens.

Lets not forget our American Icons!

EverLasting Life Foundation Ministry

Welcome to the Ministry

Our Major Ministry is Prison Re-Entry Everlasting Life Foundation Ministry was created to serve the community of Paterson spiritually and secular. Everlasting Life Foundation Ministry is designated a 501 (c) 3 as determined by the Internal Revenue Service. A Church with a Godly mission to serve this great country, this State of New Jersey and the community of Paterson with humility and our God given strength. Everlasting Life Foundation Ministry serves the need of the community regardless of race, religion, gender, creed, color and political affiliation.

We serve individuals not groups, through our different ministries. Everlasting Life Publications publishes Christian newsletters and tracts for distribution mainly to the shut in and prison locations. These publications are available for download on our web site. ​​

Everlasting Life Foundation Ministry provides toys for the children at Christmas time, food baskets and turkeys for families during thanksgiving. We provide coats for men, women and children during the winter; we try to fill the family Christmas need with gifts of warmth. We have partnered with various organizations to meet the needs of the community and also supply these organizations with a distribution network.

Another Chance Mentor Project

Another Chance Mentor Project, The Church in collaboration with Everlasting Life Foundation CDC, Another Chance Mentor Project’s unique design is to help people that were previously incarcerated adapt back into society for LIFE, through hands on mentoring programs, essential skills training, education, and self-actualization.
Mission: To assist individuals and citizens with adapting to societies issues by providing the needed knowledge and understanding to adjust to a constantly changing world.
* To refer to the formerly incarcerated, felons, inmates, convicts, prisoners, ex-offenders and other negative terms as people, human beings.(1)  
*To reduce the recidivism of Everlasting Life’s participants by two third's the usual rate.
* To train through education these people in need to become productive in society.
* To reacquaint the mentee with his or her family.
* To find gainful employment for these individual's by education and on job training.
* To find temporary financial support system for these people.
* To provide support services that other organizations have fallen short on.
* Educate the mentee in crime prevention and neighborhood watch.
* Educate the them on the law, United States Constitution, New Jersey Constitution and other relevant laws being introduced through-out the country.
* Develop data collection and information system to track this formerly incarcerated person and their children through life.

The Ministry

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Church Profile

Overseer William O. Henry,
Pastor Rev. Doris Carter,
Vice-President Brian Nazareth
Associate-Pastor Elder John and Arie Reese,
Deacon Cinda Wallace, Secretary
​Aspa Rogers, Treasurer

Founded: 2002, January 2nd, New Jersey Non-Profit Religious Corporation. Founder: Overseer William O. Henry Internal Revenue Service determination of 501 (c)3 Tax Exempt Status Jan. 3, 2002

Overseer William O Henry, MSW
Keisha D Henry & Daniel 

V.P. Brian Nazareth
second from the left.

EverLasting Life Foundation


P.O. Box 992
Paterson, NJ, 07544-0992, US

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Another Chance Mentor Project,
Passaic County One-Stop,
Workforce Development Board, Faith-Based Resource Center,
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